Friday, June 13, 2014

Tungsten Skin Tones - Cinestill 800T By Fabio Ventura

"Cinestill has been an interesting film, allowing greater flexibility when shooting in difficult lighting situations, where Iotherwise might have reached for that 5DII now collecting dust...."

"It also allows for more experimentation using tungsten lighting, on top of that it has been for me one of the easiest color films to scan using software like silverfast and vuescan.  In this case, Silverfast and a Plustek OP 120"

Canon EOS 3 + 50mm 1/60sec f2.5, Plustek OP 120 (silver fast 8). Two video lights with the "orange" tungsten filter attached plus a table lamp with a halogen bulb.

Photography by Fabio Ventura Photography

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