Wednesday, July 31, 2013

CineStill is FineArt - Fine Art Wedding Photographs by Gia Canali

Window light, artificial light, sunlight, shade.... CineStill 800Tungsten produces surreal results, with a unique flair in every situation.
"****ing love CineStill! When can I get my hands on more?" ~ Gia Canali
Soon... Much more, very soon... ;-)

Processed and scanned by Photo Impact in Los Angeles with a Noritsu roll scanner.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

CineStill crashes Capital Cities - Photography by Kat Braman

Palm Beach wedding photographer and film shooter, Kat Braman, recently had the band Capitol Cities crash a wedding she was shooting. Was she prepared for the impromptu chaos that would ensue? Rather than scrambling for the nearest digital camera with High ISO capabilities or worrying about limited latitude in inconsistent lighting, Kat shot Safe And Sound like never before. ;-)

"I shoot a lot of indoor ballroom weddings with inconsistent colored and constantly changing lighting. I finally have a color film I can shoot in these conditions and have the images perfectly capture the vibe and atmosphere of the scene." 
~Kat Braman

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

CineStill Wedding'ISH! - Fine Art Weddings by Reg Campbell in low light

"Finally a 35mm film I can shoot in low light and not have to worry about muddy shadows and weird color casts. 
CineStill is the ISH!"  -Reg Campbell

Photography by Reg Campbell
Processed and scanned by Photo Vision in Oregon, on a Fuji Frontier.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

CineStill Performs - Giffords Circus on 800T by Nasir Hamid

"I love the look of this film, the dynamic range is amazing with plenty of latitude in the scans for adjusting if I wanted to but best of all I don't have to faff around with filters or plugins to make my shots look like film. Forget about faking it, this is the real deal." -Nasir Hamid

Photography by Nasir Hamid, see more on his Simply Oxford photoblog.

"I rated the film at ISO500 and shot it in a Nikon FM2 so no rear film window. Giffords Circus is a vintage travelling circus that prides itself in being very authentic where everything is hand made including all of the costumes. The lighting was old looking tungsten spotlights which I think were not all colour balanced evenly because the colour in my shots seem to drift a little depending on where the performers were standing. Either that or it's the scans.'

'The dev & scans were made at an ASDA (a large supermarket chain here in the UK) where I am quite sure everything is scanned on auto. The high-res scans I received were 6x4 @ 300ppi and they look over sharpened although they may print fine, I haven't tested them yet. The whites/highlights in the original scans looked a little bright so I did some subtle burning in LR4. Zero colour adjustments were made by me. I exported to 1080px wide, jpg 95% compression, zero sharpening."

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

CineStill Rocks! - Bret Michaels on 800T by Fabio Ventura

"I have photographed Rock concerts on film for while now, and no other 35mm color film I have used comes close in latitude and tonality. I have used Portra 400 & 800, as well as fujifilm Superia 1600. Cinestill wins every time."
~Fabio Ventura

Photography by Fabio Ventura Photography

Lab scans are from Indie Film Lab, on Fuji Frontier SP3000, shot at 1000iso, dev +1. 
My request of them is pretty much low contrast, low sharp, neutral tones. 
I exported from LR as full size jpgs, no output sharpness (only a little of shapen in LR, mostly edge)compression 95 on export.