Thursday, August 15, 2013

CineStill International - Now available around the world!

CineStill 800Tungsten is now being distributed internationally by the amazing analog resource in the USA, Freestyle Photographic Supplies, with prompt and affordable shipping!
Above are internationally renown photographers, Ryan Muirhead (USA) and Jan Scholz (Belgium). For those folks in the Eastern Hemisphere, CineStill 800T can also be purchased from the fine folks at FotoImpex in Germany. :-)
photo by Jan Scholz (Belgium)                                                                                                       
photo by Daniel Johansson (Sweden)
photo by The Brothers Wright (USA) - pictured is photographer Jonas Peterson (Australia)
photo by Rolland Andras Flinta (Germany)
photos by The Brothers Wright (USA)
Grab some while they are still on the shelf. These bad boys are bound to eventually be back ordered! Viva la CineStill!


  1. Hi! I would like to purchase this one, is it possible to ship without airport scanning? I don't want to ruin the quality by x-ray machines.

  2. X-ray is always a risk when shipping overseas but if done carefully to avoid x-rays it should not be a problem. I would order from they have a lot of experience shipping internationally.