Saturday, July 13, 2013

CineStill Performs - Giffords Circus on 800T by Nasir Hamid

"I love the look of this film, the dynamic range is amazing with plenty of latitude in the scans for adjusting if I wanted to but best of all I don't have to faff around with filters or plugins to make my shots look like film. Forget about faking it, this is the real deal." -Nasir Hamid

Photography by Nasir Hamid, see more on his Simply Oxford photoblog.

"I rated the film at ISO500 and shot it in a Nikon FM2 so no rear film window. Giffords Circus is a vintage travelling circus that prides itself in being very authentic where everything is hand made including all of the costumes. The lighting was old looking tungsten spotlights which I think were not all colour balanced evenly because the colour in my shots seem to drift a little depending on where the performers were standing. Either that or it's the scans.'

'The dev & scans were made at an ASDA (a large supermarket chain here in the UK) where I am quite sure everything is scanned on auto. The high-res scans I received were 6x4 @ 300ppi and they look over sharpened although they may print fine, I haven't tested them yet. The whites/highlights in the original scans looked a little bright so I did some subtle burning in LR4. Zero colour adjustments were made by me. I exported to 1080px wide, jpg 95% compression, zero sharpening."

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