Monday, December 17, 2012

Beta test of 500T, P400, & P800 pushed in tungsten light

P400 vs 500T vs P800 rated at EI 800 and underexposed a stop.

Portra400 pushed 2 stops to 1600  vs CineStill 500T pushed 2 stops to 2000

CineStill 500T pushed 2 stops to 2000  vs  Portra800 pushed 1 stop to 1600

 CineStill 500T at EI 800ish, normal processing. Dimly lit bar.  Leica M2 Nokton 35mm 1.2

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Beta test exposure bracketing 500Tungsten

Mixed tungsten and gloomy window light, general in camera meter. Full stop bracketing. No push processing in standard C-41 machine. Scanned on a Fuji Frontier SP2500 w/ minor correction.
100%crop from the same scene so you can see how exposure effects grain. 
 Very cool overcast light on a rainy day in L.A. from EI 100-6400 no push, no filter, ugly image of boring building (pretty much as bad as it gets for this film). High res scans at 100% corrected in machine. This is only for technical assessment of grain, tonal separation, and color when corrected for cool light. We only shot this to be sure our process for C-41 didn't effect the flexibility of this film.